A specialised clinic focusing on gentle, safe, natural, supportive and individualised heavy metal detoxing

  • Life changing positive answers to your conditions
  • Empowerment with knowledge and better health
  • Treating the cause, not the symptoms
  • Discover what is causing your unexplained health problems with an instant Heavy Metal Test
  • Did you know that minerals are essential to life and that toxic metals prevent their absorption in the body
  • Heavy metal toxicity and essential mineral deficiencies are a major cause of chronic illness for many Australians. In most cases this underlying cause goes undetected or even worse, untreated
  • Restoring health & creating balance with gentle, safe, natural supportive and individualized heavy metal detoxing
  • Providing positive answers to chronic symptoms from a different perspective

Everybody has heavy toxic metals in their body, they are in our daily environment and over time they can accumulate in the body causing serious chronic illnesses.

Today it is not a question of whether or not you have been exposed to heavy metals, but rather by which ones and by how much.

I use the most up to date testing methods (both painless and no blood is drawn) providing you with instant and accurate results of toxic metals and mineral deficiencies in your body allowing me to tailor your safe, gentle, supportive and individualized detox program immediately.


Janine Brundle


Specialist Clinician, Founder and CEO

Toxic Metal Detox Clinic, Melbourne

Clinic Room:

2/544 Hampton Street, Hampton, 3188

P: 9448 2334

M: 0419 836370